The Conversion of Saul by Peter Brueghel

The Conversion of Saul by Peter Brueghel

The painting “The Conversion of Saul” written by Peter Bruegel oil on wood in 1567. At the heart of the painting “Conversion of Saul” is a widely known biblical story. Saul was the only apostle called after the death of Christ.

At first he was a violent persecutor of Christians and once went to Damascus to arrest several of them there. He has not cooled down yet from the heat with which he participated in the murder of the first martyr Stephen. Although Saul himself and not metal with stones, but guarded the clothes throwing stones at him and served the crowd of executioners.


he heard the voice of Christ addressed to him: “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” Further in the Acts of the Apostles it is narrated: “He said in trembling and horror:” Lord, what will you command me to do? “And the Lord said to him:” Arise and go into the city, and it will be told you what you need to do. “The people who were walking with him, stood in a daze, hearing a voice, and not seeing anyone.

Saul rose from the ground, and with his eyes open, he saw no one. And they took him by the hand, and brought him to Damascus. And three days he did not see, neither did he eat, nor did he drink. “After this event, Saul believed in the Savior and began preaching the teaching of Christ under the name of the apostle Paul.

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