The Battle of Texel by Willem van de Velde

The Battle of Texel by Willem van de Velde

Texel Island, which since 1415 was already considered a big city in the Netherlands, is famous for its naval battle of the Dutch fleet with Anglo-French ships. This battle took place during the third Anglo-Dutch war in 1672-1674. During this war, the Anglo-French navy was defeated by Admiral de Ruyter. This sea battle and was described in the picture of the famous Dutch artist Willem van de Velde Jr. in 1687.

This is a talented artist, born in the family of baths de Valde in 1633 and learning from his father shipbuilding and drawing. He liked to write naval battles of the Dutch fleet. The very picture conveys

the fervor of the battle of sailing ships of that time against the backdrop of a troubled dark sea.

The picture clearly shows the salvos of armed warships and the sky – as if reflecting this battle. All details of ships and sea waves are written out with love and thoroughness. Willem van de Velde Jr. was not in vain called in his time Rafael of marine painting.

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