Summer melody by Victor Borisov-Musatov

Summer melody by Victor Borisov Musatov

A group of ladies in the background of a shady park and the walls of a house lit by the sun, the sounds of the zither are heard. Summer clouds take fantastic forms. Everything here is written by the artist from nature, everything is familiar and easily recognizable. Seated lion and vase – from the ramp of the stairs from the house in Zubrilovka.

Furniture, table, wooden gilded manor chair, and the second – German work chair with ornament – from the Radischevsky Museum. Sitting with her back, with a portrait profile, Nadezhda Stanyukovich, a longtime friend of the Musatov family. A thoughtful lady with a fan in her hands – as if descending from photographs Saratov model Dombrovskaya.

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