Motive without words by Victor Borisov-Musatov

Motive without words by Victor Borisov Musatov

“The sad-lyrical mood of the scene of an unsuccessful explanation of love in Motive without words Borisov-Musatov wants to express not so much psychological, as picturesque and plastic means – the nuances of color, shimmering with gentle shades in the rays of the setting sun, penetrated into the room, the gradual development of one plastic motif – soft oval…

Creating an image based on musical principles, Borisov-Musatov thus achieves generalization, emotional unity, seeks to overcome the narrative of painting. “Here everything is wrong.” The scene of an unsuccessful explanation in love? “A young man is the artist himself who paints a girl sitting against him. his right hand is a thick pencil, he is all fixed on the girl: the knees are forward, the upper part of the trunk is leaning forward too, the eyes are fixed on a sheet of paper on the table. The girl: knees are aimed at the artist, like a white shoe, looking out from under the dress, hands with a white flower lie calmly on their knees and are stretched to the left, on the artist. The face is turned towards us, cheek to the boy, and she seems to be substituting her.

The high chair of the artist, the sofa, the girl’s rounded chair form a closed oval. The right leg of the table repeats the profile of the girl’s leg, the left leg of the table repeats the bend of the young man’s leg. The table cover joins the legs in one piece. Blue birds on the wall fly from girl to boy – these are her thoughts. Light spots on furniture repeatedly repeat the main motif: he and she. All are located at the wall of a large, round, deserted hall: the young single characters of her and the bright hall exists for them. There are three dark pictures on the walls, and a light one on the sofa behind the girl. The picture of love, unity, mutual gravitation and some detachment of the girl.

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