Zakharka by Alexey Venetsianov

Zakharka by Alexey Venetsianov

Portraits always paid special attention to the audience. After carefully considering them, you can better understand human nature. This practice will be useful not only for psychoanalysts. But to everyone. After all, people’s faces, I’m convinced of this, it’s a whole world! A world full of not only mysteries, but, I think, special logic. So, knowing better people, you can understand how to behave in different situations. It turns out that this is an entire academy for learning about life. Therefore, the picture of AG Venetsianov deserves special attention. After all, “Zakharka” is

both a portrait and a story that nature tells us, with its way of life, culture, customs. So personally, did I find out by looking at this canvas? And what did he learn?

Write a portrait of a small tomboy, it would seem that this is so special? But AG Venetsianov could do this, emphasizing the characteristics of his hero, depicting a characteristic spark in the whole image. Looking at the portrait of Zakharka, I involuntarily marvel that the little boy is so serious.

Perhaps the ax on his shoulder should suggest the reasons why there is no mischief in the eyes, which is so inherent in this age. His tanned complexion testifies to his frequent stay in the open air, and about physical labor. So, the child remained for the head of the family. I think that Zaharka took the responsibility to take care of the mother and the rest of the family, because his father for some reason died. Hence the sadness in his eyes that he does not consider himself to be a child. Quite other cares fell on the shoulders of the little boy.

Looking at his portrait, I thought, but I’m ready to answer as an adult for my words and deeds? And take care of your loved ones? It’s good that I do not have to do this. After all, then I will lose the last opportunity to spend some more time as a child, to whom almost everything is possible. And most importantly, I still have time to figure out how to live right!

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