Seasons by Peter Brueghel

Seasons by Peter Brueghel

Over the cycle of paintings “Seasons” Brueghel worked hard and hard throughout 1565. This cycle has for many years caused a stormy debate among researchers. Art critics can not agree on the number of paintings that were originally part of the series on the author’s plan.

One group of researchers believes that the author devoted to each of 12 months one picture. The second group believes that there are only 4 pictures and they are dedicated to the seasons of the year. But the most believable version seems to be that the cycle consists of 6 pictures, each of which is devoted to two months at a time.

In the paintings of the cycle Seasons, Brueghel begins to bring to the forefront the figures of people. In most cases these are peasants, whose occupations are determined by the time of the year. Thus, Bruegel positions man as a part of nature.

All the landscapes of the author amaze with their greatness, but at the same time they are surprisingly cozy. Brueghel was able to perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Netherlands. And in general, the artist had the talent to present the simplest things as a real miracle.

In this cycle of paintings the author realistically reflects the cycle of nature. At the same time, the attention of the author is paid not only to a change in her appearance, but also to a change in the internal rhythm.

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