Savior helpless, in a frame with 33 stigmas of the Lord’s and apostolic passions

Savior helpless, in a frame with 33 stigmas of the Lords and apostolic passions

Icon of the Savior is decorated with a salary with a small vegetation-geometric ornament. The consignment is decorated with turquoise. The frame in 21 stamps depicts the Passion of Christ, beginning with the Last Supper and ending with the Seal of the Coffin. Below-12 hallmarks of Apostolic sufferings.

In the fields are the martyrs Christopher and Vonifati. Apparently, the number of stamps – 33 – was endowed with a sacred meaning – this is the age of Christ at a time when He sacrificed himself for the salvation of mankind.

Martyrs in the fields are assistants to the customer in confronting diseases and destructive passions. The icon in the setting and in the picturesque frame is a monument of painting and applied art of the XVI11 – XIX centuries. The frame has a particularly high artistic merit. The monument is interesting for iconography, it represents art and museum value.

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