Saint Nicholas, with 16 hallmarks of life

Saint Nicholas, with 16 hallmarks of life

In the middle section the saint is represented in the iconography of Nikola Zaraysky, with two usual medallions with images of the Savior and the Mother of God at the top. Rarely are two medallions above the pose, on the left – with a half-figure of the saint, on the right – with a half-figure of the martyr. The last two images, apparently, appeared at the behest of the customer.

Rare is also the stigma of the 12th, depicting the parents praying to Nicolas for the salvation of their drowned child. Stamps with a cycle of narration about the salvation of three merchants thrown into the sea by robbers

are common for Novgorod and Pskov icons, but rarely found on icons of the Rostov art tradition.

A highly artistic work with rare iconographic details, illustrating one of the stages of the addition of northern artistic traditions on the basis of Rostov artistic culture. Represents a significant scientific, historical and museum value

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