Poppies in the Garden by Victor Borisov-Musatov

Poppies in the Garden by Victor Borisov Musatov

Maki burned cleanly and alo. The eye was hot near, as if every flower box, sewn from tender red petals, gathered all the radiance of the afternoon. If you go to the very sun and broaden the boundaries of the garden. – bright spots of poppies will be surrounded by blue cool shadows from the invisible tree crown.

And in the foreground, it will ring brightly on the luminescence of the foliage of the bush. This sketch is built around the center – the trunk of a tree – a “still-life” organized pattern of foliage, grasses, sunspots and shadows, red poppy flashes. At the top of the study, the dark purple of the garden contrasts with the rest – the sunny one. Heat fuses colors, light mixes their shades – nature itself writes!

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