Portrait of Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein

Portrait of Sir Thomas More by Hans Holbein

Thomas More is the greatest Renaissance humanist, famous statesman, jurist, writer, author of the word and concept of Utopia.

Thomas Mohr was born on February 7, 1478, in the family of Sir John Mor, a London judge who was known for his honesty. He received a brilliant education in Oxford, became famous politician and writer-humanist. His most famous work is “Utopia Island”. The very concept of “utopia” as something unattainably beautiful, as a welcome and distant ideal of everything sublime, honest, noble and just – this concept was put into circulation by the great English humanist Thomas More.

The portrait of a famous humanist was written by Hans Holbein the Younger – the great artist of the Northern Renaissance during his first stay in London. In the capital of England, the young painter came with a letter of recommendation from Erasmus of Rotterdam. Here Holbein also became friends with humanists and painted their portraits.

The portrait of Thomas More is a masterpiece of world portrait painting. Everything was transferred to the artist: the glitter and texture of the drapery fabric and its amazing green shades, expensive furs and every villi, and these sleeves are made of velvet in a noble brown range! After all, no one doubts that it is velvet, and its texture is not so easy to convey. But the main thing – the face of the thinker – is calm and wise, honest and incorruptible.

Along with the softness in it, there is an iron will and subtle humor that will not change Thomas Mor even at the most tragic moments of his life, even on the scaffold before execution he will joke with the executioner. Not for nothing did the Catholic Church rank it as a saint!

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