Forest fire by Alexey Denisov-Ural

Forest fire by Alexey Denisov Ural

The main theme with which A. Denisov-Uralsky worked was the unforgettable nature of the Urals, because this is his native land. In his work, you can note one more picture, which depicts a fire in the forest. Apparently, the inspiration was so great that the author decided to devote a few of his works to this topic.

The painting “Forest Fire” shows the present element. Looking at her, it becomes scary and creepy. You start to think about how pathetic and helpless a person is in the power of nature, especially raging. It sweeps everything in its path, sparing no one and nothing.

One can only guess how the fire that was painted in this picture began. Perhaps someone lit a fire, and the spark that came on the dry grass served as the beginning of the fire. Maybe it was a very hot, arid summer. For this kind of weather, frequent forest fires are typical. In any case, the sight made a huge impression on me.

The flames are like a terrible beast, from which there is no escape and it is impossible to hide anywhere. The smoke from the flame is shown so high that it soars to the skies, even above the pines, although they reach a height of several tens of meters. Clubs of smoke are shown in different colors: from gray-ashy to almost black, the color of graphite. The smoke dissipates in all directions. The sky is also painted dirty gray, as if it reflects ash from the fire.

The wall of the flame is simply terrible, it is impossible to get through it. At the ground the fire is shown in a purple-orange color with yellow glimpses. The higher it rises, the more different shades we see. In any case, through such a dense smoke screen, even the sun’s rays can not get through. The color scheme is surprisingly realistic. There is no uniform color, the artist always moves from one characteristic tone to another.

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