Portrait of Prince Volkonsky’s children with the Arab by Karl Bryullov

Portrait of Prince Volkonskys children with the Arab by Karl Bryullov

Before us is a sample of a custom portrait. The case when K. Bryullov could not refuse the order, and painted the picture without inspiration. Coldly and lifelessly it is blowing from the ceremonial portrait of the most glorious princes of the Volkonskys. Dressed according to court etiquette in a maid of honor’s lace of velvet and satin, they do not seem to be children, but small women.

This sense of solemnity, which is so alien to children’s psychology, is especially felt in the figure of the eldest girl, stiffly and mannerally posing before the artist. Excessive representativeness of her image makes, in contrast, recall the cheerful and cheerful Girl M. Kikina, imprinted in the watercolor portrait.

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