Portrait of I. B. Kustodiyeva by Boris Kustodiev

Portrait of I. B. Kustodiyeva by Boris Kustodiev

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev was distinguished by the fact that he created artistic canvases of a special style of creating images. Contrast, bright decorativeness of his works lined up a complex visual-pictorial series. The artist used open, saturated colors, so the reality in his paintings seemed more expressive and bright, filled with capacious color combinations and play of light, when each glare carries the heat and air of this world, over which the sun always rose and illuminated all its facets. Pictures Kustodiev – a real “artist of life”, which reflected the reality, sharpening all its colors, but being always sincere in his artistic statement.

The artist’s beautiful, light, rather like a sketch or a quick sketch “Portrait of I. B. Kustdiyeva” can be considered a pure and open pictorial word of the artist. Despite the seeming simplicity of the incarnation, the portrait was written using mixed techniques. The work was created on plain paper with lead and color pencil, and also white. Portrait painted in 1919. It depicts the artist’s daughter, Irina, who was fourteen years old. The portrait is kept in the State Russian Museum. The image of the artist’s daughter turned out to be barely perceptible, glowing from the inside. The contours and facial features are slightly marked, resembling a pastel translucent pattern.

The lead pencil outlines the entire volume of the portrait image: neatly braided hair, borders and a soft tone of the face, light, merging with the color of the paper, fabric and lace lines of the blouse. The artist uses colored pencils to somehow highlight the deep blue of the eyes, the blue-dark transitions inside the color, and in addition to emphasize the gentle warmth of the lips, the lightness of the face and the calm breathing of young beauty. The portrait image turned out to be a quiet, sublimely romantic, absolutely alien, torn from earthly rough objectivity.

The author of the work creates a real “light pattern” thanks to whitewash, thereby distinguishing the most lighted areas of the face, which retained all its childhood, inner spontaneity and purity. The portrait turned out bright, graphic. In this canvas, paints are rather monologous, restrained, there are no bright contrasts, an open, violently pulsating element of color. All attention in this case is subordinated to conveying the image of a new, young, emerging beauty. When all the colors and shades are still awakening, the light blue of the look, the pomp and sensual softness of the lines of the lips and neck gradually emerge.

Thus, we have a complex portrait image, in which the asceticism of the pencil drawing and the inner radiance of the image, written and so tangible due to the joint role of white and graphic materials in the work on the portrait, are combined in a special way. The created image is filled with sincere, lively attention and true love. And all these feelings are the main idea of the canvas, which warms our souls of the audience with these true emotions forever bright, forever young image.

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