Portrait of the oldest Soviet artists I. Pavlov, V. Baksheev, V. Byalynitsky-Biruli and V. Meshkov by Alexander Gerasimov

Portrait of the oldest Soviet artists I. Pavlov, V. Baksheev, V. Byalynitsky Biruli and V. Meshkov by Alexander Gerasimov

A. Gerasimov. Portrait of the oldest Soviet artists I. Pavlov, V. Baksheev, V. Byalynitsky-Biruli and V. Meshkov [1944] “My group portrait was not accidental,” says the author of the canvas. “For a long time I dreamed of portraits of Russian Soviet artists of the older I wanted to show their democratism and characterize them as the bearers of those noble national realistic traditions that are associated with contemporary art with the past. That’s why it was I. Pavlov, V. N. Bakshey who appeared on my group portrait VK Byalynitsky-Birulya, VN Meshkov…

In addition to the commonality of realistic beliefs, these artists were associated with friendly relations. Yes, and I knew and loved them more than others. “Gerasimov painted a portrait with an extraordinary passion. The entire group of artists is depicted in a deeply truthful life interaction, at a time of companionship. The portrait gives a vivid picture not only of the generality of the beliefs of the depicted people, but expressively reveals the characters of each of them live images full of human warmth and unique individuality appear before the viewer. As typical and original the figure and face of the oldest master of Russian painting Vasily Nikitich Meshkov! Uz aesh whole warehouse of his character, his attitude to art as a sculpted head, eye, hand prints Soviet veteran Ivan Nikolaevich Pavlov His hands -.! this is the hand engraver. Very accurately conveyed Gerasimov and Pavlovian manner of speaking. And how much truthfulness in the dreamy posture of Witold Kaetanovich Byalynitsky-Biruly, this lyric poet of the Russian landscape. Again – what a faithful recreation of a character, like…

Eighty-two-year-old Vasily Nikolayevich Baksheev is depicted retaining his ardent creative zeal. According to the picturesque performance this picture is one of the artist’s best works. In a general, rather soft color gamut Gerasimov introduces some strong color strokes. Portrait captivates the integrity of the coloristic performance, temperamental skill, artistry of painting. Drawing attention to the picturesque solution of the interior and still life on the table. This master has achieved harmonic unity of all the composite parts of the portrait, a convincing connection between man and the situation. The creation of a group portrait of the oldest artists was a long and hard work. One of the portraits, Ivan Nikolaevich Pavlov, in his memoirs details about Gerasimov’s work on this painting. ” One fine morning, Alexander came to me quite unexpectedly and said: “Look here, Vanya, do not worry, I’m taking you with me. – Where? “You’ll find out later.” And so I was brought to Gerasimov’s workshop in the village of Sokol, in a cozy little house on Levitan Street, with a small garden where his favorite roses are bred. I look – in the workshop sit Baksheev and Byalynitsky.

A little later was brought and Vasily Nikitich Meshkov. All of us together were three hundred years old. Then Alexander Mikhailovich opened his cards before us. He decided to write a group portrait of the oldest artists and chose us as his victim. This portrait he attaches special importance to his work and wants to express the best features of his creative self. From this day began the portrait sessions and meetings of the four old men of “sitters”. We were created a situation, portrayed in a portrait – with a round table, a solid decanter and a vase of fruit, a background where the painting hung in a wide golden frame and there was an antique bust. Alexander Mikhaylovich neatly drove over us in his car and just as carefully took everyone home… We posed, probably, at least twenty sessions, each of which lasted two or three hours. In interruptions we talked animatedly. “Gerasimov himself is also curious about the work on the portrait, he says that he did not deliberately seat his” sitters “:” At the table they have settled each to their own taste. “Ivan Nikolaevich Pavlov was the most talkative.” He literally he could not sit in silence for a minute, told his long and interesting life, recalled long gone days and long gone people. “I remember exactly that,” says the painter, “that I tried to write each of the artists exactly in those m omy, when he forgot that a portrait was being made from him.

It was at such moments that each of them was the most natural, unconstrained. “As a portraitist, Gerasimov felt a special responsibility to VN Meshkov – for he himself was an outstanding master of the portrait.” Vasily Nikitich strictly followed the execution of my portrait and was sometimes merciless in the assessment done. But all his remarks went only for the benefit of the work. “” Portrait of the oldest Soviet artists “is a deeply meaningful work of Soviet painting that helps us understand and love the images of beautiful Russian artists of the older generation who devoted their creativity to the Soviet people, who faithfully gave the traditions of national realistic art This was the way the author understood the meaning of his work on the group portrait and the author himself: “If young generations,

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