Naked black woman by Natalia Goncharova

Naked black woman by Natalia Goncharova

This picture is an illustrative example of Goncharova’s primitivism. She breathes the superenergy of the movement of nature and the dynamism of the painting itself. Simultaneously, it is close to Picasso and Matisse.

In the interpretation of the soles of the feet, hands, and especially in the form and setting of the head, the proximity of the “Dryad” and “Friendship” to Picasso is felt. A dab smear on the face causes associations with “Dance with covers”.

The influence of Matisse is felt in the grouping of a figure depicted in a swift dance, which makes it possible to show it simultaneously in different perspectives, color contrasts, in the expression of motion, the squareness of the figure in the minimal space and the super-relief of the contours, and the optimism of the images.

Goncharova softens the cubist cut and achieves a greater plasticity of the image, compared to the emotional breaks in the figures on the canvases of his idols. The popularity of the picture was promoted by the cultural expansion of the population from conquered countries, which swept across Europe. The fascination with new forms was picked up by Russian artists following their European counterparts.

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