Angels, who rush stones on the city by Natalia Goncharova

Angels, who rush stones on the city by Natalia Goncharova

One of the 9 expressive paintings of the general cycle called “Reaping”.

In this picture Goncharova builds her religious picture of the world. The top of this world is the divine heavenly world. Everything on earth is under his protection, and the angels-warriors interfere directly in the earthly life, opposing technicism and urbanism and at the same time guarding the arable lands and gardens. Thus, the opposition “city-village” and “natural-technical” are built up.

In addition, the idea of retribution, celestial punishment, fate, fate, in general, apocalyptic moods, correlated with Christian symbols, is strong. The painting was created by the artist in the period of creative searches: beam, futurism – all this was ahead. Only primitivism and participation in the “Jack of Diamonds” so far constituted Goncharova’s creative experience. So this canvas in the neo-primitivist style is considered one of the best.

Like many others, this picture is distinguished by outstanding decorative merits. In particular, the rhythmic movements of lines and spots are noticeable, and accentuated gravitation to the plane-ground is clearly manifested. All this underscored Goncharova’s desire for monumental forms.

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