Maria with a baby and an angel by the Liberals and Verona

Maria with a baby and an angel by the Liberals and Verona

Acquired from a private collection in Budapest in 1968. Exhibited in 1902 at the art exhibition of the Budapest Union of Physicians in the Budapest exhibition hall “Muchcharnok”, in 1972 at the exhibition “Treasures of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts” in Bordeaux and in 1973 at the exhibition “The Art of Renaissance in Europe” at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

This significant picture was previously in the Viennese collection of the Bem family, then in the Budapest collection of the Petya family; it was attributed to the brush of Nerochio. The Liberale studied in Verona,

being still quite young, at the latest in 1466, he went to Siena, where he worked until 1476, then in the city itself, then in its environs. He mastered the style of the Sienese masters, influenced mainly by artists who left the workshop Vecquegta, Francesco di George, Girolamo da Cremona, Matteo di Giovanni.

The composition of this composition is reminiscent of the Siena artist Sano di Pietro. It is distinguished by thin paints, pleasant surface treatment.

We know only a few pictures of Liberals, performed on the boards and related to that period, since at that time he was primarily engaged in the creation of miniatures and became one of the most outstanding masters in this genre. After 1476, he worked mainly in Verona, and in 1487 – in Venice. By this time his style has also changed, he adapts more and more to Verona traditions, becomes more and more constrained, picturesque.

The level of paintings of the Liberals at this time does not always match the level of skill that he achieved in Siena. This is evidenced by two of his “Madonna”, stored in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts.

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