Kefal and Prokrid by Joachim Eteval

Kefal and Prokrid by Joachim Eteval

Painting Joachim Eitevala “Kefal and Prokrid” also has another name “The Death of Procris”. The size of the picture is 130 x 98 cm, canvas, oil. The basis for the creation of the picture was the ancient Greek myth. Procrida, in Greek mythology the daughter of the Attic king Erechtel, the wife of Kefal. Once, when Kefal was hunting in the mountains, Eos saw him and fell in love with him.

To cool the love of his rival Procris, she sent her to Kefal as an alien who, having offered her brilliant gifts, persuaded her to break her adultery, and then assumed her real appearance. The ashamed Procrida fled to Crete, where she joined the number of friends of Artemis – hunters. The goddess gave her a dog, fast as a wind and a spear, not giving a miss. On her return to Attica, she met Kefal, who, without recognizing her, offered her his love if she gave him her dog and a spear. Then she opened to him and caught him in turn in infidelity.

After that, the couple met again and lived happily for a while. Once Kefal went hunting, and, dejected by the heat, began to call Aura, so that she refreshed him. Prokrida accidentally heard this call and believing that her husband was calling for a nymph, hiding in more often to follow him. Hearing a rustle in the vicinity of himself and believing that it was a wild beast, Kefal aimed at a no-slip spear and killed Prokrid. Condemned Areopagus Kefal went to eternal exile and in later life accomplished many exploits.

Cefalu was attributed to the base of the temple of Apollo on the Levkat cape, from where he himself threw himself into the sea. The fine hunter Kefal, whom the dawn is abducting, is the personification of stars dying before dawn; Procrida, then disappearing, then again being to her husband, is the moon. On ancient terracottas and vases there are images of Kefal carried away by Eos, later – escaping from her persecution, as well as images of the scene of Prokrid’s murder.

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