In the boat by Edouard Manet

In the boat by Edouard Manet

Considering one of the founders of impressionism, E. Manet did not finally accept his theoretical attitudes.

Summer 1874, the artist is in Arzhantey – “the small capital of impressionism.” Working alongside C. Monet and P.-O. Renoir, the craftsmen who liked to work in the open air, Manet also enjoys creating a picture in the air, conveying the charm of the moment in which the environment and people are a single whole.

The work “In the Boat” turned out to be light, festive, in it Manet departs from the traditions of Spanish painting, which presupposes the presence of a

dark color.

Representing a man, Manet invited him to pose for his brother-in-law, Rudolf Leenhoff, also an artist. Who assisted in the role of a woman is not known for certain, but presumably this is C. Monet’s first wife, Camilla Donsier.

At the Paris Salon of 1879, the work was acquired by a French collector, then after resale, the picture went overseas, and is now in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

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