Bar in Folies Bergeres by Edouard Manet

Bar in Folies Bergeres by Edouard Manet

The painting by Folly-Bergere by Edouard Manet, painted in 18, is one of the most famous works of the master and the most famous work of pictorial art. The bar depicted in the painting was on the first floor of one of the most famous variety shows in Paris of the late 19th century. Manet loved to be there, the chic and brilliance of nightlife always attracted him, where he wrote this masterpiece.

Mane made sketches and sketches of the future picture right at the bar, asking his friend and barmaid to pose for him. The original intention of the painting – the conversation between the visitor and the bartender

Manet subsequently changed: only the thoughtful barmaid remained.

The picture is very symbolic and significant. The mirror hanging behind the counter incorrectly reflects the woman bartender, as if trying to show her past. The pensive and detached view of the barmaid and the fact that she is completely indifferent to the guests also adds mystery to the work.

There is a sharp contrast between the cheerful crowd of guests and the lonely girl behind the bar. Guests – a bohemian society of artists and aesthetes depicted in the left part of the picture. The artist gave these people arrogance, the desire to exhibit – many of the vices of society in which the artist rotated.

One of the peculiarities of this painting by Edward Mane is a skillful black game, which is very difficult to achieve. A lot of hidden symbols, the deep meaning of the depicted action distinguish this work of the artist from many others.

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