Breakfast in the workshop by Edouard Manet

Breakfast in the workshop by Edouard Manet

One of the peculiarities of Manet’s creativity is complete freedom in determining the genre – the refined and strict rules of the academic school seemed to him boring. That is why we can find many works by the master, which are difficult to attribute to any particular genre. This picture is the Breakfast in the workshop.

The main character of the film is Leon Coell Leenhoff, the artist’s secret son. Born out of wedlock, music teacher Suzanne, who gave lessons to her brother Mane, the son was never recognized as an artist, although after a while the painter legitimized the relationship with

his mother.

Looking at this work, one can see here elements of a portrait, and a family everyday scene, and still life. Thanks to a bold approach to the form – the artist cut the edges of the picture, we can compare the canvas with an instant photo. Here it will be another moment, and all the characters, frozen for a second, will continue to go about their business.

The young youth is located in the foreground in the center of the picture. He looks thoughtfully into the distance, standing with his back to the table and his parents. His face is lightened, his lips are compressed, and his eyes are thoughtful.

The color of the canvas combines brown, green, gray, black and white tones. The culminating color in the composition is yellow – he organizes and binds all the space of the picture.

Despite some caution, the picture was accepted by the Salon to the exhibition, but many viewers evoked it very ambiguously – the mixture of genres and combination of elements drew criticism of the picture. However, the majority tended to believe that the work is very harmonious and every detail is in its place.

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