The image of the holy seven ranks of Arkhangelsk

The image of the holy seven ranks of Arkhangelsk

According to Dionysius the Areopagite, the archangels belong to the heavenly powers, which are in close proximity to the earthly world and man.

The archangel Michael is the head of the heavenly host. His name means “who, as God”. In the green clouds, Archangel Michael swiftly falls upon Satan. In his right hand he squeezes the shaft of the victorious banner.

White cloth with a red cross, scarlet spots of the flying robes of the archangel create a festive atmosphere. Attention is paid to the spectacular bravura of the movements of the archangel-commander. His dominant figure divides the

archangels into two groups. Some of them with their attributes: so, Raphael holds Tobias’s hand with the fish.

From above, from the semicircle of dark clouds, the heavenly host of the Sabaoth is overshadowed. This Europeanized icon for composition and execution can be attributed to the number of significant monuments of the so-called compromise style.

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