Herring by Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin

Herring by Kuzma Petrov Vodkin

One of the artists who could put a deep meaning in his works is Petrov-Vodkin Kuzma Sergeevich. On the way of his creative life were not easy times. He survived the First World War, the days of the revolution and the Civil War. Then he, like others, had a hard time. At that time he creates his famous still lifes. One of the most emotional in my opinion is the picture “Herring”.

Knowing the difficult moments the author experienced at that time, it is likely that this is not simply a still life, but a full-fledged feast that the artist earned. These thoughts lead me to the background of the picture.

It seems that the already completed picture, the author covered with a red mint tablecloth and made a semblance of a table. This is indicated by fragments of the picture, and we will sign the signature on the left corner. At that time, Sledka was the most common product that could be obtained. The author received this ration as a sign of his professorial merit and brought him to the workshop, perhaps to share with friends.

On the table there were two potatoes, different in size, a slice of rye bread and a slightly dried herring on a blue piece of paper. Nowadays, a weak delicacy, but then many have not seen this. Colors match the situation. It seems to be bright, but at the same time a little faded.

The picture suggests sad thoughts and at the same time amazes with the talent of the author. It would seem that nothing special, but then with what soul and emotions it is depicted makes you marvel more and more.

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