Study for the composition “Dance” by Frederick Leighton

Study for the composition Dance by Frederick Leighton

Like all artists with an academic education, Leighton was an excellent draftsman. He left behind a huge number of drawings, among which the main place is occupied by sketches of a human figure.

Similar drawings played a decisive role in the work on each of the master paintings. Before taking up the brush, Leighton carefully worked out every detail in the drawings, making preliminary sketches of the entire composition and detailed sketches of each individual figure.

An example of this is the drawing “Three nude female figures for the painting” Captured Andromache “.” These drawings Leighton added sketches of the heads and hands of the characters of his future picture. The artist made most sketches for Andromache with chalk on colored paper.

You can find in Layton and individual drawings, not related to any paintings. He carefully collected and stored them, and then, on occasion, use them as “starting points” in work.

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