The potter-musician by Frans Hals

The picture “Potter-musician”, 1618-22 researchers for a long time considered a copy. Only with the restoration, undertaken in 1988, it became clear that this is the original brush of Khals.

Smiling Cavalier by Frans Hals

This portrait is one of the most famous in the history of Western European painting. The image created by Hals, bribes the viewer with its freshness and immediacy. It can

Group portrait by France Huls

“Group portrait”, or rather “Group portrait of officers of the shooting company of St. George,” refers to the early period of his work. In those days, Dutch citizens, in order

Singing Boys by France Huls

Khalsu was given a special gift to portray children. About the children of Hals, his contemporary Hans Houbraken wrote that they “are distinguished by liveliness, curiosity, they love singing and

Malle Babbe by France Hulse

Pictures of Dutch masters of the XVII century usually paint an image of a calm and measured life filled with works and innocent pleasures. However, not everything was so serene