Elf Caliban by Odilon Redon

Elf Caliban by Odilon Redon

Perhaps the saddest monster of all the “sad monsters” Redon. Elf sits on a tree and looks at the viewer with an endlessly sad look.

Note that Kaliban is one of the characters of Shakespeare’s “The Storm”, and, perhaps, Redon had in mind this play when he created his “Caliban”. “The images of Redon are not images of the earthly world. Only in the Gothic art of the French XIII century can we find forms similar to the forms of Redon. Then the source dried up.

Graphic impressions stopped. To see the last ends of the threads of your art at a distance of seven earthly centuries and nothing ahead is the limit of solitude. The human mind cannot bear such loneliness.

Therefore, the Odilon Redon in his earthly incarnation is only withered lips through which Eternity whispers his memories. His feelings are so subtle that the impressions of life pass the limit of pain, the limit of the sensed – he has no taste for reality. He sees through the perceived epidermis of nature. “Maximilian Voloshin

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