Carp by Raoul Dufy

In 1910, Duffy married. The position of the family man obliged him to search for money. At this time he received an offer from his friend, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire,

Reception by Raoul Dufy

Raoul Dufy was born into a family of petty bourgeois and never showed a desire to “climb” higher up the social ladder – even when he became a recognized artist.

Posters in Trouville by Raoul Dufy

In 1906, after the famous Fauvist exhibition in Paris, Dufy went to Trouville. The young artist was impressed by the possibilities of painting that he discovered. The paintings he wrote

Elephants by Raoul Dufy

In 1911, Dufy was in a difficult situation. He was 33 years old, he was married and poor. Therefore, receiving an offer from the leading Parisian fashion designer Paul Poiret,

The great bather by Raoul Dufy

Duffy’s fascination with cubism was very superficial. Disappointed in the philosophy of Fauvism, which was based on the postulate of using “color for the sake of color,” Dufy again began

Ascot by Raoul Dufy

The painting was written in a manner characteristic of the late Dufi. Calligraphically accurate lines and transparent, “cloudless” tones convey the atmosphere of joyful animation and the expectation of an

Trees in Estaca by Raul Dufy

This picture Duffy wrote during the trip, along with Georges Braque “in the footsteps of Cezanne.” Muted, “heavy” tone paintings, distorted forms. – all this he borrowed from the famous

Orchestras by Raúl Dufy

Basics of painting Raul Dufy studied for eight years – four years in Le Havre and four years in Paris. Both of his teachers were academic artists, and they both

Regatta in Henley by Raul Dufy

In 1933-34, Duffy spent several months in England. Here he continued to write his favorite subjects – holidays and high-society entertainment. The artist admires these bright, joyful eyes for the

The Orchestra by Raoul Dufy

This work is similar to a quick sketch made right during the concert. The quick, impetuous strokes outline the instruments and figures of the musicians. A careless brush strokes painted

The pier in Colbert by Raul Dufy

Impressionists made a great impression on the young, just arrived in Paris from the province of Dufy. He contracted the manner of Manet and Pissarro, literally copied their smear. In

Anemones by Raoul Dufy

Many modern Dufy artists avoided depicting flowers and even laughed at those who still wrote them. Only Marc Chagall and Oskar Kokotka can be considered rare exceptions in this series.