Do not ask me anymore by Lawrence Alma-Tadema

Do not ask me anymore by Lawrence Alma Tadema

Flirt is the standard form of social interaction, whereby one person indirectly indicates a romantic and / or sexual interest in another.

This can consist of conversation, body language, or summarize physical contact. Flirting can involve conversation or action by making an application for greater affinity than generally considered appropriate to the given relationship, in fact without speaking or doing anything that violates any serious social norms.

This can be achieved by communicating the meaning of playfulness or irony. Double meanings are used, by gestures, hints, intonation. While some of the subconscious signs are universal for all cultures, the etiquette of flirting varies significantly in different countries, which can lead to misunderstandings. There are differences in how close people are to standing, how long to keep eye contact, and so on.

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