Church of St. Jacques. Dieppe by Camille Pissarro

Church of St. Jacques. Dieppe by Camille Pissarro

One of the last works of Camille Pizarro, only two years left before the death of the master. At the end of his creative journey, having at last earned the deserved fame and relevance, the artist in many of his canvases returns to the style of the once innovative and revolutionary impressionism.

In 1901, Pissarro lives in Dieppe at the hotel, whose windows overlook the ancient majestic church dedicated to Saint Jacques. The artist suffers a lot, he is accustomed to writing in the open air, he is forced to contemplate the world from the window of his hotel room – the eye disease has worsened. Therefore,

it is not surprising that Pissarro almost immediately decided to write a canvas with the church, the main character, especially since he already had works on such subjects. While staying in Rouen, he dabbled in plenty to write churches in one or another perspective, lighting and weather conditions.

Churches, cathedrals, bridges, parks, painted at different times of the year, and expressed in the whole series of paintings are often found among famous impressionists. However, Pissarro did not seek to catch the play of light on the facade, pavements or roofs, rather, the artist is eager to capture the magnificent architectural creation against the background of celestial space. That is why the church in the picture is deprived of the maximum approximation and is covered by the master’s eye in general. Looking from afar is what matters more. It is a glance from a distance that makes it possible to notice the combination of the rhythm of the architectonics of a structure with an endless transparent sky.

Art historians like to note that Pissarro, in contrast to other artists of the pleiners, liked to change the angle, moving his easel closer, then further, to the left, then to the right. Thus, carefully contemplating the object, he sought not only to convey it in the surrounding light, color and air, but also to open the space around it as widely as possible.

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