Wedding Dance by Peter Brueghel

The painting “Wedding Dance” shows the fun reigning at a crowded peasant wedding. In total, the picture can be counted 125 people. The painting is written in bright, contrasting colors.

Twelve Proverbs by Peter Brueghel

Folklore – one of the most important sources of creativity Brueghel. Many of his paintings and engravings are the elementary “painting” of popular proverbs, sayings, etc. Art of this kind

Alchemist. Engraving by Peter Brueghel

In 1555, the leading Antwerp print publishing publisher Hieronymus Kok produced a series of landscape engravings by Brueghel; their joint cooperation continued until the artist’s death. In the same years,

Cloudy Day by Peter Brueghel

To the painters before Bruegel, nature seemed to last forever. Brueghel was the first to learn how to transfer the seasons and the associated changes in human life. Before us