Black Daniel and the workshop

Black Daniel and the workshop

Deesis tavern was written in 1408 for the iconostasis of the Assumption Cathedral in Vladimir on Klyazma commissioned by the Moscow prince Vasily Dmitrievich. In 1775 he was transported to the Trinity Church in the village of Vasilevskoye in the Shuya district of the Vladimir province, which gave him his modern name: “Vasilievsky rank.”

Ten icons from this rank are now kept in the collection of the State Tretyakov Gallery. Thirteen-figure Deesis tier, consisting of large icons, was the semantic center of the iconostasis. The icon of the apostle Peter is attributed to the brush of Andrei Rublev.

However, in its current state is a monument of icon painting of the XV-XIX centuries.

The poor Galilean fisherman Simon, who followed the Savior, received from him the name Peter, which means a stone. Christ said about him: “… Peter will be the stone on which the church is built…”. According to Christ’s words: “… he will keep the keys to the kingdom of heaven…”, the apostle Peter is depicted on the icons with a scroll and a key. The apostle in Greek means the messenger. So they began to call the disciples of Christ, whom he had chosen and sent to preach his teaching.

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