On the icon there is an iconostasis of 7 rows. Above his Imperial Gates with the image of the Annunciation and the four evangelists, with the Last Supper in the passage, is the image of the “Descent into Hell”, which is central to the festive series of 13 icons. Above – “Savior on the Throne, with the upcoming Mother of God and the Forerunner” – middling apostolic row of 13 icons. Above it – “Our Lady with the Child on the Throne, with the upcoming St..

Anthony and Theodosius, and the Archangels, “is the central image of the prophetic series of 13 icons.

More higher is” Fatherland “- the midship of the patriotic series, which also consists of 13 icons. In the” Fatherland “-” Crucifixion “- the central image of the Passion cycle of 5 compositions placed in the final iconostasis of semicircular forelimbs.

The tops are crowned with domes with crosses. The local series includes images: “The Savior of Smolensk,” “The Miracle of Demetrius of Thessalonica”, “The Assumption of the Virgin” – on the right; “Our Lady of Kazan”, “Trinity”, “St. Nicholas of Mozhaisk” – on the left. Above the side doors with the image of archdeacons – “Communion with bread” and “Communion with wine.”

Under the local row are 6 icons: “Salvation by St. Nicholas drowned youth”, “Sacrifice of Abraham,” “Flight into Egypt,” “The Appearance of Christ to the Middle Ages,” “A Scene from the Life of Dimitry of Thessalonica”, “The Annunciation at the Fountain.” A work in the style of Palekh icons of the XIX century. It represents iconographic interest and museum value.

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