At the school of gladiators by Giorgio de Chirico

At the school of gladiators by Giorgio de Chirico

The painting “At the Gladiator School” was written in 1927. The figure of the philosopher in the picture on the wall on the right resembles his pose of “The Thinker” Auguste Rodin. The composition itself is very simple. In the foreground are two gladiators in loincloths. The soldier, standing on the left with a knife in his right hand, froze like a statue.

The second gladiator in the gray color of his skin resembles a statue from a completely different era, his face hidden under a mask of feathers. The figures are generalized, somewhat hyperbolized. They seem to be frozen and petrified

inhabitants of the sleepy kingdom. Fixed positions of gladiators are even somewhat exaggerated.

The artist does not represent people, but figures of papier-mâché or wax. Closed space is an artistic metaphor for the ringlights illuminated by the projectors. Yes, and the light itself, annoying, unnatural, contributes to a certain “transfer” of the antique scene in modern times.

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