Astronomer Nicola Kratzer by Hans Holbein

Astronomer Nicola Kratzer by Hans Holbein

The work of Hans Holbein “The Madonna of Mayor Meyer” is perhaps the most italianizing of all religious compositions – in the art of the German Renaissance.

This is evidenced by its clear, somewhat dispassionate harmony, symmetrical construction with a selected main figure in the middle and an equal number of figures on the sides, ideal types of the Virgin and Child, the calmly falling straight folds of clothes, the thoughtful consistency of colorful combinations. Only the presence of customers at the feet of the Virgin indicates the northern origin of the picture. These figures form a kind

of group portrait, based on careful work with nature.

This is evidenced by the surviving magnificent portraits of Meyer himself, his wife and daughter. In 1526, Holbein made his first trip to England. Like all German artists of the time, he traveled a lot. In Italy, he was, apparently, twice – in 1518-1519 and, possibly, also in 1530-1531 he visited France and the Netherlands.

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