Wotan by Ken Kelly

Wotan by Ken Kelly

American artist and illustrator Ken Kelly was born in 1946 in New London, Connecticut. Kelly achieved fame thanks to the generally accepted illustrations for the adventures of two famous literary heroes of Conan and Tarzan, as well as collaboration with famous rock bands such as Kiss and Rainbow, etc. Ken Kelly is an artist of the heroic subgenre of fantasy. This art, he studied with the famous master of the fantasy genre of Frank Frazetta.

For almost 30 years of creative work in this direction, the characters of his paintings were mythological and literary heroes and fantastic monsters. In his paintings

for the purpose of full disclosure of the fantasy plot Ken Kelly depicts exotic places of battlefields and situations related to magic and magic. In the picture of Ken Kelly “Votan” depicts the supreme god of Scandinavian mythology Odin. His cult was especially popular among the Vikings.

The sailors and pirates of the North worshiped the 6th, loving the battle, and believed that in Valhalla, Wotan’s dwelling-covered dwelling, this one-eyed god collects the warriors’ valiantly “fallen valiant” warriors. Only Votan could lead the warriors into a state of violent rage during the battle, when they lost the feeling of fear and pain and became berserkers. The name Wotan means shamanic ecstasy and obsession. God himself, however, was not subject to militant ecstasy. In addition to power over the death squads and “valiantly fallen”, Wotan was considered the god of magic and wisdom.

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