The Wheel of Time by Luis Royo

The Wheel of Time by Luis Royo

Submitting to the inexorable law of time, creating and at the same time destroying, generations of people who came into this world are replaced. Children are born, grow up, become strong and beautiful, but time ruthlessly turns them into old people.

Highly developed states with an invincible army are destroyed by wars, beautiful palaces turn into ruins. But they are being replaced by other soldiers, new buildings are being erected, children are being born. This is the law of life. The wheel of time is spinning continuously, like millstones, doing an endless routine work and returning everything to “your

own circles”.

In the picture of Luis Royo “The Wheel of Time” life stopped. We stopped spinning, counting decades of heavy gears, cobwebs and dust for centuries covered the walls and ceilings of a fantastic time mill. So commanded the young priestess, holding in her hands the management of time and the whole army chained slaves.

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