Queen of the Elves by Luis Royo

Queen of the Elves by Luis Royo

The little sorceress, the lady of the monsters on a cold moonlit night, brings order to her magical forest. The young hunter fearlessly saddled a terrible monster with a muzzle of a huge voracious rat and you do not scare her with the grinning poisonous fangs of demons.

The picture of Luis Royo “The Queen of the Elves” returns the viewer to the fantastic world of children’s fairy tales with evil sorcerers and good beautiful fairies. Only in childhood there are such huge trees and only a small children the magic moon shines through the window, casting sweet dreams on frosty Christmas nights.

The Penthouse magazine in 1996 published a large article on the work of Luis Royo. In the Italian weekly “Stamp” there are several articles with positive reviews of the artist.

After the release of the new album “Secrets” Louis Royo was awarded the award of the Silver Award Spectrum Association as the best illustrator in the art of fantasy 1996. The publishing house “Norma Editorial” together with the magazine “Heavy Metal” released his portfolio. In 1997, Heavy Metal dedicated its painting gallery to Louis Royo, ordering the artist a series of illustrations and a cover for the twentieth anniversary of the issue of the magazine.

In 1998, another Royo album entitled “Millennium” was released, in which the artist reflected his vision of the end of the millennium. In 1999, the album “Dreams” was published, in the same year another album “Prohibited Book” was released. Over the years, Royo’s works have become more frank and erotic.

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