The Wheel of Time by Luis Royo

Submitting to the inexorable law of time, creating and at the same time destroying, generations of people who came into this world are replaced. Children are born, grow up, become

Queen of the Elves by Luis Royo

The little sorceress, the lady of the monsters on a cold moonlit night, brings order to her magical forest. The young hunter fearlessly saddled a terrible monster with a muzzle

Death of the World by Luis Royo

A yellow sinister glow hung over the city, in the ringing air the smell of burning and death. In the dense mirror of still water, destroyed houses and sticking debris

Caravan by Luis Royo

After 1990, Luis Royo devotes a lot of time to his own work; he does not cooperate with publishers, does not accept orders, works as a free artist. Using the

Invasion by Luis Royo

Spanish painter Luis Royo was born in 1954 in the town of Teruel in Spain, known as an illustrator of fantasy books, photo artist and draftsman. Royo studied painting in