The shallows on the river in the spring by Claude Monet

The shallows on the river in the spring by Claude Monet

Landscape with pure colors and contrast of temperatures, dynamics of strokes and a given direction to objects, a clear lack of preliminary sketch, sweeping writing – all these are characteristic nuances of the painting of the great post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. These features live in each canvas of the author, to some extent dominating each other. But in the landscapes of the artist the broken lines of the strokes and the angularity of the image were in harmony most of all than in the narration of human nature.

“The shallows on the river in the spring” – the canvas, fresh on experience and free presentation of the world. At the beginning of his journey as an artist, Gog was looking for his own style of performance. in the “Shallows” already guessed his special handwriting of multicolor and unusual use of color combinations. The presented landscape gives the author a good mood, it is very simple and tells about a piece of European space with a similar nature to Russia. The spring river turned the artist alive and natural.

Realism in the painting of Van Gogh was the hallmark of the beginning of his work. In this work, the contours and outlines of objects favored by the master are absent. This helped create a sense of real nature without the applicability of details. Thanks to the textured letter with uneven overlay oil, the work seems to be voluminous. This technique does not require shadow and light study, pulling to the fore the nearest objects. The composition of the landscape is very simple. It is not readable and understandable.

The canvas has a clear classical construction plans – long-range, near. The coloring is very warm, despite the presence of azure. Sunny weather plays with yellow highlights on the trunks of separately growing trees. The same pigment is present in the drawing of the grove on the horizon and the grass by the river. This combined the planes into a single image.

The presence of warm shades of the spectrum added a spring mood and a feeling of something cozy, new and tender. Van Gogh created a true awakening of nature, being self-taught, unaware of the techniques of painting, trying to touch the paint, the properties of oil and his own talent. He managed to wake the winter hibernation with a sweeping brush motion on a flat canvas…

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