The Bible by Adolf Bugero

The Bible by Adolf Bugero

Connoisseurs, and lovers of ancient Greek mythology, are well aware of the myth of a beautiful young man named Narcissus, who used to often admire his own reflection in the water. The goddess of beauty Aphrodite, enraged by this self-admiration, turned him into a beautiful flower.

Centuries later, narcissism became the subject of attention and study of psychologists. Mostly creative people, artists, musicians and poets are exposed to this vice. They do not need to look in the mirror – they are without him very high opinion of themselves and extremely low put everyone around.

Little-known now

French painter Adolf Bugero in the picture “Bibles” presented his own version of narcissism – this time in a female guise. The fact that the woman is completely naked is not surprising – nudity was still perceived by the Greeks naturally and was completely devoid of shame. White skin gives out a refined, aristocratic nature.

With a languid melancholy expression on her face, the girl leaned slightly on a stone in a stream running in the shade of trees, and admires her own reflection in the murmuring waters. And it is unknown to the owner of this amazing beauty that time, like water, takes away both youth and beauty. However, how to know, maybe, because of the realization of this circumstance, she is sad…

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