Wave by Adolf Bugero

Wave by Adolf Bugero

“Wave” is a light exposition of nude nature. The painting was written during the development of other views on the world of art – academicism, corresponding to the main criteria of rationalism and sensuality of the author himself. This is a complete finished canvas with the participation of two characters – nature and a young woman.

A unique symbiosis of the inanimate “living” element of water and the warm trembling body of the girl is written in cold colors. The inherent feature of the Bouguereau drawing of human nature naturally and openly endowed the “Wave”

with photographic precision. His woman with a playful smile and perfect proportions for the nature of man seemed to be written off from nature.

However, it could be so. The foreshortening of the heroine is interesting. Like a voice called by someone, the girl froze at the strip of the blue surf, looking back for a split second. Her attention was only a moment ago riveted to the game of elements, and the body was flung open in anticipation of the cold wave. Mastery of the artist “glued” is not characteristic of the classical school of painting grin to the lips of a woman.

Flirting with the artist, she flirts with the rest of humanity from generation to generation. Despite the talent of Adolf Bugero to write a man, his element is no less talented. This water with the overturned wave, the shore with wet sand, the oncoming row of crests on the horizon are real. It captivates the canvas with minimalism and purity of texture. The absence of “extra” angels, accessories, additional characters, arrows and flames, which was typical of baroque subjects, simplifies the perception of the plot. Bouguereau plays brilliantly with light.

Cloth gives the morning coolness a breeze in the azure paints and aquamarine. Cold. The only “but” disturbs the look. The dynamics of the waves, the gust of wind, the density of the blue crests awakens the desire to disrupt the woman’s hair. They had to fight in the air streams, like a cobweb, covering their face, getting in the eyes. But the author did not dare to combine the energy of the wind with the chestnut mop of curly hair. He heaved her, thereby “pulled out” for a moment the heroine from the direction of the breeze.

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