The Bible by Adolf Bugero

Connoisseurs, and lovers of ancient Greek mythology, are well aware of the myth of a beautiful young man named Narcissus, who used to often admire his own reflection in the

Spring by Adolf Bugero

Picture of Adolf William Bouguereau “Spring” – a unique interpretation of the birth of the spring thaw. The canvas of the artist is very bright and saturated with love and

Love inspires by Adolf Bugero

Love inspires the picture of the early twentieth century, “Love inspires” written by the author, Adolf Bugero, under the curtain of his creativity and life. Due to his experience and

Idyll by Adolf Bugero

What do you feel when you look at this pair? Trembility and embarrassment, interest and hope for continuity. The canvas “Idyll” of the great Adolf William Bugero was written during

Earrings by Adolf Bugero

The painting “Earrings” was written by the famous academician – painter Adolf William Bouguerot in the manner peculiar to the academic school of painting. In his canvas there are echoes

Lullaby by Adolf Bugero

“Lullaby” – a picture of the master of the academic school of painting Adolf Bugero was written in the second half of the XIX century. It seems unlike a large

Wave by Adolf Bugero

“Wave” is a light exposition of nude nature. The painting was written during the development of other views on the world of art – academicism, corresponding to the main criteria