Tapestry by Victor Borisov-Musatov

Tapestry by Victor Borisov Musatov

Against the backdrop of a park with heavy bundles of overgrown trees, the protruding end of a white building, a manor yard paved with slabs and lit by a soft sunset sun, the viewer sees two women in light, old dresses with crinolines.

One – in a fan in her hand, a string of pearls around her neck – stopped, lowered her eyes and thoughtfully half turned to her friend. The second is shown in a smooth slope. hiding her face. These movements, unconsciously graceful, directed to each other and calming each other, these soft lines make the composition calm and balanced.

The name of the painting

corresponds to its color – decorative-muted, based on a combination of large color spots. The painting resembles a “tapestry embroidered with faded silk”. Musatov rejected the bright contrasts of a sunny day, trying to emphasize the difference between the created world and real life.

Therefore, he refuses and from oil painting, which seems to him rough. He uses a technique that combines tempera, gouache and watercolor. From now on all the best Musatov works are distinguished by noble restraint, dullness of color, it is devoid of glare.

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