Still life with mussels and shrimps by Vincent Van Gogh

Still life with mussels and shrimps by Vincent Van Gogh

In 1881, while studying at Anton Muau, Van Gogh creates his first still lifes. The usefulness of these classes was obvious, as they helped to learn how to depict objects of various shapes and textures, harmoniously transfer the ratio of shades and color nuances.

In 1886, Van Gogh is much more interested in this genre. On his still-lifes there are flowers, fruits, vegetables, a variety of utensils. Subjects for the image are various types of fish, such as horse mackerel, smoked and salted herring. In this picture, Van Gogh painted reddish shrimp in combination with bluish-gray mussels.

The artist chose

a warm color scheme. The background of the still life is made up of various shades of brown – from light sand to brownish-burgundy. A deep black shadow surrounds the mussels lying on the table in a massive contour. Their dull color contrasts with the bright red color of the shrimps, which form a bright color accent in the composition.

The picture is written in a sketchy manner, with sweeping sweeping strokes. Van Gogh strongly generalized the subjects, showing them as solid, wide spots. This allows you to concentrate attention mainly on the color relationships between the elements of the composition.

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