Still Life: Majolica-style jug with wildflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

Still Life: Majolica style jug with wildflowers by Vincent Van Gogh

In Arles, Van Gogh begins to look for new styles and means of expression. In each work he adds something new, thanks to which the paintings are so different in styles and techniques. This also applies to still lifes. Arles works in this genre are distinguished by a vivid manifestation of the author’s individuality, each time finding something new in nature.

This still life, painted in early 1888, is distinguished by its decorative features and resembles a colorful panel. The author of the composition center is a massive majolica vase with a lush bouquet of wildflowers. The author harmoniously arranges objects on the table, placing emphasis on three bright oranges. To add horizontal elements, he puts a large flower on the table.

The main color of the picture – yellow – contrasts with the blue shades of wildflowers. But this contrast is not so bright as in the still lifes of the Paris period. The picture is sustained in relatively calm tones, but, nevertheless, it looks rather colorful and cheerful.

The author does not model the volumes of objects, making them flat, and emphasizes their outlines in pronounced dark outlines. The decorative nature of the canvas is supported by a clearly marked ornament of the dishes. The author seems to admire the beauty and elegance of simple objects, conveying a harmonious combination of their forms and colors.

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