Still life with a basket of apples by Vincent Van Gogh

Still life with a basket of apples by Vincent Van Gogh

After moving to Paris, Van Gogh radically changes his views on painting. Having penetrated the ideas of impressionism, he now seeks to show what he sees as it is, singing in his every work those colors that enrich all around with natural light. In order to work out these views in practice and become an Impressionist in the full sense of the word, he paints landscapes from nature, and while at home, he does many sets of fruits and flowers.

Some of the still lifes of this period can be called true masterpieces of Impressionist painting. Some are just an illustration of the development of the color gift of Van

Gogh. In this work, two artist’s manners seem to collide – the former classical one, based on the use of muted earthy shades, and a new, bright, colorful and light one. Thanks to this, the coloristic and black and shade inconsistency between individual elements of the still life strikes, that deprives it of integrity and harmony.

The background is painted with strokes of contrasting yellow and purple hues. Quick multi-directional movements of the brush create the illusion of colorful flickering, which transmits an easy play of light on the surface of the table. On this picturesque background, a lilac basket is produced, written in almost the same color.

With graphic accuracy all the nuances of its weaving are shown. Fruits are also devoid of picturesqueness, the author traces their outlines in a dark color, making the shadows unjustifiably deep. It can be assumed that the etude was written in several sessions under different illumination.

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