Snake by Gerhard Richter

In the painting “The Serpent” German artist Gerhard Richter depicted a giant boa slowly penetrating the dwelling. The picture has an allegorical meaning; according to the biblical texts, it was

Station by Gerhard Richter

Artist Gerhard Richter understands painting as an active action, a search for the reality of today. His painting “The Station” is written in the manner of abstract expressionism. The flashing

Courbet by Gerhard Richter

In the work of Richter, the traditions of realism are combined with the late phenomena of informal painting. These combinations of opposites gave rise to skepticism in the artist in

Two candles by Gerhard Richter

In the painting “Two Candles” by German photorealist Gerhard Richter, we see a canvas divided into two parts with two lit candles against a dark and light background. The candle,

Ema by Gerhard Richter

The ghostly woman depicted by the artist descends the stairs, as if it consists of fog, dreams or memories, almost forgotten and light, like a cloud. In the painting of

Reading by Gerhard Richter

Many artists turned to this story and in the painting “Reading” by Gerhard Richter, we also see a young woman reading. She stands sideways to us, a clean profile, a

Betty by Gerhard Richter

The painting “Betty” Gerhard Richter portrayed a young woman who turned away from the viewer, as if she hailed her. The figure of his daughter Betty, the artist wrote with

Darkness by Gerhard Richter

The expressiveness of painting by German artist Gerhard Richter in the period of his passion for abstract art is evident in his painting “Darkness”. Nightmares, insomnia or uncertainty – each