Betty by Gerhard Richter

Betty by Gerhard Richter

The painting “Betty” Gerhard Richter portrayed a young woman who turned away from the viewer, as if she hailed her. The figure of his daughter Betty, the artist wrote with photographic accuracy. The model is strongly pushed forward, as in the portrait photograph.

However, the picture cannot be called a portrait itself, since it reveals almost nothing in the appearance of the portrait. Richter portrayed his daughter turned away, her face is not visible. But with all care he conveyed the red, pink and white tones of her dress and patterned jacket. The artist violated all generally accepted ideas about the artistic image by creating a photo-like painting, a portrait that literally turns its back on all artistic norms.

The photorealist artist, nevertheless, managed to convey in the picture a feeling of purity and beauty of the portrait, her blond hair, written out almost with photographic accuracy. The skill of the artist is amazing, the subtlety, the taste, the unusual simplicity of the methods of painting. Creativity Richter, continuously looking for new ways and means of expression, is extremely diverse.

The blank wall that makes up the background of this painting reminds some of his many abstractions. Monochrome, densely and richly painted canvases, imbued with bitterness and despair, were the response of the artist to the war in Vietnam.

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