Portrait of Mikhail Desnitsky by Vladimir Borovikovsky

Portrait of Mikhail Desnitsky by Vladimir Borovikovsky

Michael – a prominent figure of the Alexander era. He studied at the Trinity Seminary. In view of his “super success”, the Friendly Academic Society, founded by Novikov and Schwartz, placed him in a philological seminary; At the same time he attended Moscow University. The influence of society affected Mikhail very much: all his life he showed a gravitation towards mysticism. He took only the best in it: the desire to spread education and charity.

He was a priest in Moscow and attracted many listeners with his sermons. In 1796, Mr.. was appointed court presbyter. In 1799, when he was widowed, he took tonsure; in 1803 received the Chernigov diocese. In 1818, he was appointed Metropolitan of St. Petersburg instead of not getting along with Golitsyn and the compromised Ambrose.

Mikhail’s staff included Filaret Drozdov and Innokenty. Michael stood all the enthusiasm Golitsyna, urged his sermons on his tastes, but a few weeks before his death, wrote to Alexander a letter depicting the dangers threatening the church.

Mikhail’s compositions were published for the last time in 1856-57, in 16 parts. Some of them are curious as a reflection of the spirit of the time, for example: “Conversations about the inner state of man,” “Images of the old, external, carnal and new spiritual man,” “Labor, food and the peace of the spirit of man,

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