Portrait of Irene Caen d’Anverse by Pierre Auguste Renoir

Portrait of Irene Caen dAnverse by Pierre Auguste Renoir

“In 1880, Renoir painted a portrait of Irene Caen d’Anverse, the daughter of a wealthy financier and banker Caen d’Anvers. – red hair, scattered over the shoulders and falling to the waist line on a light blue dress.

The expression of the face and eyes of Irene conveys to us a feeling of spiritual concentration and even sadness, so rarely encountered in the works of Renoir. Something agitated the artist, and under the influence of his mood and his understanding of the mood of the girl, he created a portrait built on smooth and calm rhythms, conveying the arrangement of dense green foliage around the girl’s figure and head, setting off the beautiful long threads of her magnificent hair, lying quietly on the wide hem dresses hands.

Irene’s large gray eyes are particularly striking with a thoughtful and calm expression. The beautiful harmony of colors, clear drawing of the composition, psychological richness of the image highlight this portrait in the rich creative heritage of Renoir.

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